Hikvision DS-PDC15-EG2-WE curtain motion detector

               Secure your home or business with the Hikvision DS-PDC15-EG2-WE Curtain Motion Detector. This powerful sensor offers unparalleled protection with its long-range, narrow-angle detection capabilities. Covering up to 15 meters in length and 3.6 meters in height, the DS-PDC15-EG2-WE creates an impenetrable "curtain" of security around your perimeter, ensuring that no intruder can slip through undetected.

               Designed for easy installation and remote configuration, this detector seamlessly integrates with your security system. Featuring multiple enrollment methods and a user-friendly app, you can customize the settings to suit your specific needs. With its frequency-hopping technology, the DS-PDC15-EG2-WE is resistant to jamming, providing reliable and consistent performance you can count on.

               Powered by an easily replaceable battery and with a PCB-protected design, the Hikvision DS-PDC15-EG2-WE is built to last, ensuring your property remains secure for years to come.

  • Long range with narrow angle detection
  • Fully remote configurable through App
  • Multiple enrollment method and easy installation design
  • Easy replaceable battery with PCB protected
  • Frequency hopping against jamming for reliable transmi

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