Hikvision-Kit-10-IP  4K Darkfighter turret  4 camera IP CCTV system, white Hikvision-Kit-10-IP  4K Darkfighter turret  4 camera IP CCTV system, black

                   Start your voyage into unparalleled surveillance capabilities with the Hikvision-Kit-10-IP. This cutting-edge CCTV system includes four network IP CCTV cameras, each housed in a turret-style casing that marries aesthetics with functionality flawlessly. Unveil the world in remarkable detail with the 4K resolution these cameras offer, ensuring that every frame is a masterpiece of clarity. Embrace the night without hesitation, as the Dark Fighter infrared night vision technology guarantees exceptional visibility, even in the pitch-black.
               IP network CCTV technology takes your security to the next level, proving its worth, especially in vast industrial distances. While pricier, its performance justifies the investment, ensuring top-notch surveillance coverage. Express yourself through choice – opt for classic white or sleek black housing that seamlessly integrates into your surroundings. Installation is a breeze with Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology, making setup effortless. 
             All this exceptional footage is meticulously managed by the included 4-channel NVR (Network Video Recorder), providing ample storage and easy access to your recordings. With the Hikvision-Kit-10-IP CCTV system, your journey to heightened security begins here.

Kit contains:

  • 4 x DS-2CD2386G2-ISU/SL(2.8mm)(C)  CCTV  camera, built in microphone, built in speaker and alarm, active strobe light and audio alarm to warn intruders off
  • 1 x DS-7604NI-K1/4P(C) NVR
  • hard drive ( see options )

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