Dahua NVR4216-16P-EI 16 channel PoE NVR

16CH 1U 16PoE 2HDDs WizSense Network Video Recorder

         Unlock the power of intelligent video surveillance with the Dahua NVR4216-16P-EI 16 channel PoE NVR. Featuring advanced H.265+ and H.265 video compression, this state-of-the-art device delivers exceptional image quality while optimizing storage and bandwidth usage.

        Equipped with Dahua's cutting-edge AI algorithms, the NVR4216-16P-EI offers unparalleled detection and recognition capabilities. The Smart Motion Detection technology intelligently categorizes targets, filtering out irrelevant motion to provide accurate and effective alarms. The AI Search function allows you to quickly and easily find persons of interest by metadata or facial similarity, saving you valuable time.

        The built-in face detection and recognition capabilities take security to the next level. Leveraging deep learning, the NVR can detect, track, and capture the best face snapshots, then compare them against a database to identify individuals with precision.

        Elevate your surveillance system with the Dahua NVR4216-16P-EI. Its Perimeter Protection feature automatically filters out false alarms caused by environmental factors, ensuring reliable and accurate monitoring. Experience the future of intelligent video surveillance and take control of your security with this cutting-edge NVR.

  • 16 channel PoE network video recorder
  • Smart H.265+/H.265/Smart H.264+/H.264/MJPEG decoding format.
  • Access, storage or forwarding at 256 Mbps (180 Mbps when AI function enabled).
  • Max. decoding capability: 16 × 1080p@30 fps. Supports adaptive decoding.
  • AI by NVR: 1-channel face detection and recognition; 2-channel perimeter protection; up to 10 face databases and 20,000 face images; 4-channel SMD Plus.
  • AI by Camera: Face detection and recognition, perimeter protection; SMD Plus; people counting; stereo analysis; heat map.
  • Connected to the third-party network cameras.
  • Security baseline 2.3.
  • 2 SATA ports, up to 16 TB.The maximum HDD capacity
    varies with environment temperature
  • Decoding Capability
    AI disabled: 2-channel 16 MP@30 fps; 2-channel 12 MP@30 fps; 4-channel 8 MP@30 fps; 6-channel 5MP@30 fps; 8-channel 4 MP@30 fps; 16-channel 1080p@30 fps
    AI enabled: 1-channel 16 MP@30 fps; 2-channel 12 MP@30 fps; 3-channel 8 MP@30 fps; 4-channel 5MP@30 fps; 6-channel 4 MP@30 fps; 12-channel 1080p@30 fps
  • 16 MP; 12 MP; 8 MP; 6 MP; 5 MP; 4 MP; 3 MP; 1080p; 960p; 720p; D1; CIF

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