Dahua-Kit-31 4K full colour TIOC bullet 6 camera CCTV system

        Introducing the Dahua-Kit-31 4K full colour TIOC bullet 6 camera CCTV system! This kit is perfect for your office or shop, all sides of a house, and more. The kit includes 6 bullet CCTV cameras with a resolution of 4K (8MP) which is the best resolution for this type of analog cameras. The cameras also have full color technology which is better than infrared technology.
         The Dahua-Kit-31 CCTV system also has active deterrence (TIOC). The cameras have built-in alarms that actively warn off intruders with red-blue light and siren even before users are aware of the incidence. Once an intrusion is detected, the red-blue light will flash and the siren will buzzer to alert the intruder. This feature is perfect for people who opt for turret type cameras and full-color camera 24 hours and cameras with active deterrence cameras.
       The 24h color feature provides color images during the night but they need a little light for this. All kits contain one Video recorder and every video recorder includes a hard drive for recordings. The 6-camera system needs a bigger hard drive. Remember! Diamonds are hard to find as well as perfect CCTV Cameras!


Kit contains:

  • 6x HAC-ME1809THP-A-PV, 3.6mm fixed lens, TIOC CCTV cameras ( TIOC-three-in-one camera, integrates 24/7 full-color monitoring, active deterrence and AI )
  • 1x XVR5108HS-4KL-I3  Digital video recorder
  • hard drive (see options)
  • 6x PFA13G junction box
  • connectors (see options)

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