Dahua-Kit-24-IP, 4K, full colour, TIOC, bullet, 8 camera IP CCTV system

          Step into a world of unmatched protection with this exceptional kit featuring 8 dynamic bullet CCTV cameras, capturing life-like 4K resolution visuals. Embrace the brilliance of full-color technology, allowing you to see every intricate detail even in the darkest of nights. Feel the power of active deterrence as these cameras come alive with red and blue lights, and a siren that echoes vigilance! Detecting intrusions before you even know, they warn trespassers to steer clear.
With Dahua-Kit-24-IP  CCTV system, your large shop or majestic house finds impenetrable safety. Designed by Dahua, a trailblazer in security, trust the brand that cares for your precious shop, office, or beloved home.
       As the sun sets, the video recorder diligently preserves your footage. Customize your storage options, ranging from 0TB to an astonishing 10TB, ensuring you never miss a moment. Your peace of mind is priceless, and Dahua-Kit-24-IP CCTV system is here to deliver it!


Kit contains:

  • 8 X IPC-HDW3849T1P-AS-PV TIOC IP CCTV cameras ( TIOC-three-in-one camera, integrates 24/7 full-color monitoring, active deterrence and AI )
  • NVR2108HS-8P-I Network Video Recorder
  • hard drive (see options)

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