Dahua-Kit-23-IP 4K, TIOC, full colour, bullet, 6 camera IP CCTV system

         Introducing Dahua-Kit-23-IP - your ultimate fortress of protection! This cutting-edge package boasts 6 powerful bullet CCTV cameras, delivering breathtaking 4K resolution with mesmerizing full-color  technology. Whether it's the darkest night or the brightest day, rest assured your property will remain under vigilant surveillance. But that's not all - the cameras come equipped with built-in active deterrence alarms. With red and blue lights flashing, and sirens blaring, intruders will be warned off before they even know what hit them! Trust the reputable Dahua brand to safeguard your  shop, office, or cherished home. And the
cherry on top, you get to choose the perfect video recorder size! From 0TB to a whopping 8TB, ensure your recordings are safe and sound for days, weeks, or even months!


Kit contains:

  • 6 X IPC-HDW3849T1P-AS-PV TIOC IP CCTV cameras ( TIOC-three-in-one camera, integrates 24/7 full-color monitoring, active deterrence and AI )
  • NVR2108HS-8P-I Network Video Recorder
  • hard drive (see options)

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