Dahua-Kit-22-IP 4K, TIOC, full colour, bullet, 4 camera IP CCTV system

          Introducing Dahua-Kit-22-IP  , a state-of-the-art CCTV system crafted by Dahua. This kit includes four highperformance bullet CCTV cameras, each boasting 4K resolution (8MP) for unparalleled image clarity. With advanced full-color technology, you'll experience vivid and detailed nighttime footage, requiring  only minimal lighting. Enhance your security with the built-in active deterrence alarm system, which actively warns off intruders using flashing lights and sirens.
          Perfect for small shops, offices, or homes, Dahua-Kit-22-IP CCTV system ensures comprehensive surveillance and peace of mind. Additionally, each kit comes with a video
recorder that offers various hard drive options ranging from 0TB to 6TB, providing ample storage for extended recording needs.


Kit contains:

  • 4 X IPC-HDW3849T1P-AS-PV TIOC IP CCTV cameras (TIOC-three-in-one camera, integrates 24/7 full-color monitoring, active deterrence and AI )
  • NVR2104HS-P-I Network Video Recorder
  • hard drive (see options)

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