Dahua-Kit-11-IP 4K infrared turret 6 camera IP CCTV  system

               Introducing Dahua-Kit-11-IP, a comprehensive CCTV system designed by Dahua, the trusted name in security solutions. This kit includes six cutting-edge turret CCTV cameras, each boasting high-resolution 8MP and advanced infrared technology for unparalleled clarity day and night. Ideal for large houses, offices, or shops, Dahua-Kit-11-IP ensures exceptional surveillance coverage, allowing you to monitor your premises with confidence.
               The video recorder included in the kit features a built-in hard drive, providing hassle-free storage for recordings. Customers can select from a range of hard drive capacities, from 0TB to 8TB, catering to various recording needs. Stay ahead of security challenges with Dahua-Kit-11-IP, a top-tier CCTV system for enhanced protection and peace of mind.


Kit contains:

  • 6 X IPC-HDW1830T-S6 IP CCTV cameras
  • NVR2108HS-P-I Network Video Recorder
  • hard drive (see options)

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