Dahua HAC-HDW1809TP-A-LED 4K full colour CCTV camera

Dahua HAC-HDW1809TP-A-LED 4K full colour CCTV camera features:

      The Dahua HAC-HDW1809TP-A-LED is a powerful 4K CCTV camera designed to provide exceptional video quality and performance. With a resolution of 8MP, this camera delivers stunning 4K footage, ensuring every detail is captured with clarity.

      One of the standout features is the 24/7 color imaging, which allows the camera to maintain vivid, true-to-life colors even in low-light conditions. The 40m illumination distance ensures comprehensive coverage, making it ideal for a wide range of surveillance applications.

     The camera's Super Adapt feature is particularly noteworthy. Its intelligent algorithm automatically adjusts the camera's parameters to provide optimal performance and vivid imagery, adapting to changing environments seamlessly.

      Additionally, the Dahua HAC-HDW1809TP-A-LED is equipped with a built-in microphone, allowing for audio recording alongside the high-quality video. The camera offers a choice of 3.6mm or 2.8mm fixed lenses, providing flexibility in installation and coverage.

       Designed for versatility, this CCTV camera supports multiple video standards, including CVI, CVBS, AHD, and TVI, making it compatible with a wide range of systems. With its IP67 rating, the camera is also weatherproof, ensuring reliable performance in various outdoor conditions.

  • Resolution 4K (8MP)
  • Max. 15 fps@4K.
  • 120 dB true WDR, 3D NR.
  • 24/7 color imaging.
  • 40 m illumination distance.
  • Built-in MIC(-A) .
  • 3.6 mm fixed lens (2.8 mm optional).
  • CVI/CVBS/AHD/TVI switchable.
  • IP67, 12 VDC


Accessories, junction boxes, wall brrackets (not included ):

  • PFA130-E Junction Mount
  • PFB204W Wall Mount Bracket
  • PFA152-E Pole Mount Bracket
  • PFA106 Adapter Plate of Mini Dome & Eyeball Camera
  • PFB220C Ceiling Mount Bracket of Mini Dome & Eyeball  Camera
  • 12V  Power Adapter
  • Passive Video Balun
  • BNC connectors

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