Dahua-Kit-05-IP 5MP infrared bullet 2 camera IP CCTV system

           Introducing Dahua-Kit-05-IP , a comprehensive CCTV system designed by Dahua, featuring 2  bullet CCTV cameras with remarkable 5MP resolution. With infrared technology, these cameras deliver exceptional night vision capabilities, ensuring your spaces stay protected around the clock.
           Dahua-Kit-05 also includes a reliable video recorder equipped with a built-in hard drive for easy recordings. To cater to your recording needs, choose from various hard drive options, ranging from 0TB to 4TB. For a 2-camera setup, 2TB or 4TB is recommended, while a 4-camera system may require a larger hard drive, and an 8-camera system may benefit from a 10TB capacity.
           With Dahua's trusted brand, top-notch resolution, and advanced features, Dahua-Kit-05-IP CCTV system is the ideal solution for small shops, offices, and homes seeking enhanced security.


Kit contains:

  • 2 X IPC-HFW1530S-S6 IP CCTV cameras
  • NVR2104HS-P-I Network Video Recorder
  • hard drive (see options)

FA130-E IP66 Junction Box white/grey  available

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