Ajax CombiProtect  wireless motion and glass break detector white Ajax CombiProtect  wireless motion and glass break detector black

           Safeguard your home or business with the versatile Ajax CombiProtect wireless motion and glass break detector. Designed to provide comprehensive security, this detector uses advanced sensors to monitor for both motion and glass breakage, ensuring reliable detection of potential threats.

           The motion sensor can detect movement at a distance of up to 12 meters, making it effective for securing larger spaces. The glass break sensor, with a range of up to 9 meters, can register the sound of shattering glass, providing an additional layer of protection. This dual functionality ensures the CombiProtect can reliably detect a variety of security breaches.

           One of the standout features of the CombiProtect is its pet immunity, which allows the detector to ignore movements from pets weighing up to 20 kg. This helps to prevent false alarms, keeping your security system responsive and reliable, even in households with furry companions.

           Available in both white (model 22950) and black (model 22949), the Ajax CombiProtect is a versatile and convincing choice for safeguarding your home or business. Invest in your security and experience the peace of mind that comes with this comprehensive detection solution. Order your CombiProtect today and take the first step towards a safer, more secure environment.

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