Bell system four way audio intercom kit

        Elevate your home security and communication with the Bell System Four-Way Audio Intercom Kit. This robust and expandable system is designed to seamlessly integrate into apartment complexes and multi-unit dwellings, providing a secure and efficient way for visitors to access your building.

        The kit includes a four-button entry panel, four handset units, a power supply, and an electric strike, allowing you to connect up to four separate residences. Each handset can be mounted within a different apartment, enabling residents to easily identify and communicate with visitors before granting them access.

        With its formal and professional appearance, the Bell System Four-Way Audio Intercom Kit exudes a sense of reliability and security. The high-quality components and intuitive design ensure a smooth and hassle-free installation process, while the expandable nature of the system allows for future growth and adaptability.

Kit contins:

  • 1 x SPA4N Door panel
  • 4 x 801W Handset
  • 1 x 212//A Power supply
  • 1 x Electric strike

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