Bell system 801W audio handset

      The Bell System 801W audio handset is a reliable and versatile solution for your standard Bell System audio door entry needs. Designed for seamless integration, this handset can support up to 3 additional telephones, ensuring comprehensive coverage throughout your property.

       Featuring a sleek white finish and a compact wall-mount form factor, the 801W handset effortlessly complements any interior. With a depth of 55mm, height of 212mm, and width of 85mm, this handset occupies minimal space while delivering exceptional performance.

       Powered by a 12VAC/12VDC input voltage, the 801W provides the necessary electrical requirements for smooth operation within the Bell System infrastructure. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this audio handset offers a formal and professional solution for your door entry communication needs.

  • For use with standard Bell System audio door entry systems (maximum of 3 extra telephones)
  • Input Voltage - 12VAC/12VDC
  • Colour White
  • Form Factor - Wall Mount
  • Depth 55 mm
  • Height 212 mm
  • Width 85 mm

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