Ajax wireless panic button white 22963 Ajax wireless panic button black
Ajax Wireless panic/control button White 22963 / Black 22962

       Introducing the Ajax Wireless Panic Button, the discreet and secure solution for your safety and peace of mind. Designed with your protection in mind, the Button's body is engineered to prevent accidental activation, even when subjected to pressure. To further safeguard against false alarms, the Button can be set to respond only to a double-click or long-press, ensuring your alerts are intentional and reliable.

Available in both White (22963) and Black (22962) finishes, the Ajax Wireless Panic Button seamlessly integrates with your home security system, providing you with a convenient and discrete way to summon help in an emergency. Invest in your personal safety and security with the Ajax Wireless Panic Button, the trusted choice for discerning homeowners.

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