Ajax wireless  kit burglar alarm installation

               Let's face it, nobody enjoys the tedious ordeal of grappling with complex installations. That's why we created the Ajax wireless burglar alarm installation experience—a seamless journey into fortifying your security with ease and expertise. Our seasoned professionals specialize in providing a touch of finesse to the installation of our state-of-the-art products, ensuring your peace of mind from the get-go.

              The installation price, prominently featured is underlining our commitment to delivering a holistic security solution. All prices displayed are for fitting only, with equipment purchases available for acquisition through our site. Delve into the world of Ajax wireless alarms by selecting from our array of kits, accompanied by the option to enhance your security with two extra detectors. This comprehensive package is a testament to our dedication to simplifying your security needs. For those who crave additional layers of protection, we offer transparent pricing at a mere 20GBP and sounders at a reasonable 30GBP. Tailor your security setup to suit your unique requirements without breaking the bank.

               Curious about the service area coverage? Navigate through our map for a quick overview of the regions where our installation expertise is readily available. Say good bye to the headaches of installations as our skilled professionals effortlessly turn your security aspirations into a reality. Trust in the Ajax experience—where professionalism meets creativity, and securing your space is a breeze.

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