Ajax vhfBridge White 25353 Ajax vhfBridgeBlack 25352

        The Ajax vhfBridge 25353 (White) and 25352 (Black) are sophisticated multitransmitter modules designed to seamlessly integrate your Ajax security system with a VHF radio communication channel. Engineered for reliability and performance, the vhfBridge provides a robust, secondary communication pathway in areas where internet connectivity may be unstable, such as remote locations, nature reserves, and mountainous regions.

        By transmitting alarm signals and system events via VHF radio waves, the vhfBridge ensures your security system remains connected and responsive, even in challenging environments. With the ability to function as a primary or backup communication channel, the vhfBridge offers unparalleled versatility, allowing you to tailor your security solution to the unique needs of your property.

        Housed in a durable casing, the vhfBridge module is designed for easy integration with third-party VHF transmitters, providing a comprehensive and reliable security solution for discerning customers. Experience the peace of mind that comes with the Ajax vhfBridge, the cutting-edge solution for secure, long-range communication in any setting.

  • Module for connecting Ajax security systems to third-party VHF transmitters
  • vhfBridge (with casing)
  • White 25353
  • Black 25352

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