Ajax Pass White 23500  access card pack Ajax Pass Black 23498 access card pack
Ajax Pass White 23500 / Black 23498 access card pack 10

        Introducing the Ajax Pass access card pack – the secure and convenient solution for your security management needs. This pack of 10 encrypted contactless cards is designed to work seamlessly with the KeyPad Plus wireless keypad, providing effortless access control.

        Each Ajax Pass card is equipped with advanced contactless technology, allowing for quick and efficient entry. The cards are compatible with 13 different hubs simultaneously, ensuring seamless integration across your security infrastructure.

        Whether you're managing a commercial property, office space, or residential complex, the Ajax Pass cards offer versatile functionality. Easily grant guest access or arm and disarm your security system with a simple tap of the card.

  • Pass - Encrypted contactless card for KeyPad Plus - Pack 10
  • contactless card for security management
  • Simultaneously works with 13 hubs
  • Guest Access

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