Ajax MotionProtect Plus  wireless microwave and motion detector white Ajax MotionProtect Plus  wireless microwave and motion detector black
Ajax MotionProtect Plus White 22945 / Black 22944 wireless motion detector

        Introducing the Ajax MotionProtect Plus, a cutting-edge wireless smart motion detector that combines PIR (passive infrared) and microwave sensors for unparalleled accuracy and reliability. Designed to meet the demands of modern homes, this advanced detector can effectively ignore the movements of pets weighing up to 20kg and standing up to 50cm tall, ensuring your security system remains focused on potential intruders.

        The MotionProtect Plus goes beyond traditional motion detectors by incorporating a microwave sensor that filters out interference from air conditioning systems and even curtain movement. This innovative feature ensures your security system remains undisturbed by environmental factors, providing you with precise and dependable motion detection.

        Remarkably, the MotionProtect Plus can accurately detect motion even in heat conditions up to 40°C, making it an ideal choice for homes in warm climates. With its wireless design and advanced sensor technology, this motion detector offers a seamless and hassle-free security solution for your home or office. Experience the ultimate in smart home security with the Ajax MotionProtect Plus.

  • Wireless smart motion detector PIR that can ignore cats and dogs with a weight of up to 20kg and a height of up to 50cm
  • Additionally microwave sensor filters possible interference from air conditioning systems and curtain movement
  • Accurately detects motion in heat conditions even at a temperature of 40ºC

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