Ajax LeaksProtect wireless flood detector white Ajax LeaksProtect wireless flood detector black

Ajax LeaksProtect White 8050 / Black 8065 wireless flood detector

     Introducing the Ajax LeaksProtect, a cutting-edge wireless flood detector designed to safeguard your home from water damage. The LeaksProtect is available in two sleek color options – black (model 8065) and white (model 8050) – to seamlessly blend with your home's decor. Powered by two long-lasting AAA batteries, this detector can operate for up to 5 years, minimizing the need for frequent battery replacements.

      With its two-way communication capabilities, the LeaksProtect seamlessly integrates with the Ajax security system, allowing you to receive instant notifications on your smartphone or connected devices. The device's IP65 protection rating ensures it can withstand exposure to water, dust, and other environmental factors, providing reliable performance in a variety of settings.
       To safeguard against tampering, the LeaksProtect is equipped with advanced anti-sabotage features, including protection against fraud and jamming detection. This ensures your home's security remains intact, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

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