Installation of various security systems requires a lot of professionalism since placing of various components is critical in attaining the desired efficiency. According to the current legislation, it is a requirement that all security systems be installed by a professional who is familiar with the security systems. Our company has well-trained staff with years of experience in security systems installation.

Before installation, our specialists conduct the following:

• You are consulted so that an ideal security plan is arrived at, and your security needs are satisfied fully. We are a company that is focused on satisfying your security desires and consultation is a sure way of achieving that.

• A site survey is conducted by our installers to pinpoint the exact regions where various security devices will be placed. A site survey is an important step during installation since it also aids in determining some aspects such as the angles at which CCTVs will be placed to ensure they are efficient.

• Installation is then done. All the relevant security devices are strategically placed in spaces where intrusion is likely to take place. Inside your premises, our specialists will install motion detectors near all windows and doors to detect any unwanted movements into the premise. On the outside, they will install a surveillance camera that will monitor all activities happening on the outside.

• After the installation process, our experts will train you on how to control the security systems to get the desired results. You will learn how the whole security system works.