HIKVSION DS-KV8213-WME1(B) two way door station

         Introducing the HIKVSION DS-KV8213-WME1(B) two-way door station, a sophisticated video intercom solution designed for villa environments. Boasting exceptional HD video surveillance capabilities, this door station delivers a maximum resolution of 1080x720 at 30fps, ensuring crystal-clear video quality. Equipped with wide-dynamic range (WDR) and a 129-degree wide-angle lens, it provides comprehensive coverage and exceptional visibility, even in challenging lighting conditions.

         Leveraging advanced motion detection technology, the HIKVSION DS-KV8213-WME1(B) enables you to monitor activity at your doorstep with precision. The integrated night vision feature and low-illumination IP supplement mode ensure reliable performance in dimly lit environments, with a range of up to 3 meters.

         Engineered to withstand the elements, this door station meets the rigorous IK 08 and IP65 standards, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The noise suppression and echo cancellation features ensure clear, uninterrupted communication, while the remote configuration via web interface provides seamless integration and control.

  • 2 way video intercom villa door station
  • HD video surveillance (Max. resolution 1080×720@30fps, WDR, 129° wide angle).
  • Motion detection supported. 
  • Night vision, low illumnination IP supplement mode: 3m
  • 4-ch alarm input, 1-ch alarm output.
  • Noise suppression and echo cancellation.
  • Configuration remotely via Web
  • IK 08 and IP65 standard, fully protected, suites indoor and outdoor use conditions
  • 12V DC or PoE 

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