CCTV systems

Analogue cameras have been around for decades, and they continue to offer good service in particular security settings. With classic CCTV technology, transmission occurs through coaxial cables. A video recorder provides the footage. Analogue CCTV systems are ideal for small applications where the DVR and cameras are not more than 300m apart. As technology advanced, so did analogue CCTV. Now you can get systems with up to 8MP in resolution. Power over Coax (PoC) technology has also revolutionised analogue surveillance cameras. The technology allows both the power and CCTV signal to transmit over the coaxial cable, thereby reducing the number of components necessary during installation.



Hikvision 4 channel dome camera CCTV system

Choose a surveillance solution for your business or office, from Hikvision’s selection of CCTV kits. Infrared dome cameras with low illumination capabilities and 5MP resolution let you clearly view the live and recorded video with this excellent CCTV kit. The feature-packed Hikvision CCTV Kit is typically used indoors, but can be installed outdoors as well. The kit is recommended for small businesses or homes.

Hikvision 8 channel bullet ColorVu  CCTV system

A Hikvision CCTV kit goes a long way to protecting your home, business, or warehouse. Look at the specifications of this home CCTV kit for outside surveillance. Its eight medium range ColorVU bullet cameras can film very detailed video in low illumination. The DVR includes a 8 TB hard disk. Remote access via Internet is available. The versatile Hikvision CCTV Kit is recommended for the outdoor surveillance of medium-sized homes, businesses, and warehouses. It is not recommended for indoor.

Dahua 8 channel Starlight 4K dome camera CCTV system

With the 8 dome Dahua CCTV camera kits, you get to enjoy features such as a 40m infrared range, a 6TB hard disk, an impressive recording resolution, low illumination levels, colorful footage and remote access over the internet. To keep your premises safe, you get to pick between 4 channel and 8 channel digital video recorders. The kit is recommended for shops and offices.

Hikvision Power over Coax 8 channel CCTV camera kit

Protect your home and small business with a Hikvision home CCTV camera system. This kit includes four medium range, 40m infrared bullet cameras, and a Digital Video Recorder with a 5 MP recording resolution. With Hikvision’s own PoC technology, you’ll save time and money. Both power and video signals travel on the same coaxial cable. The feature-packed Hikvision CCTV camera Kit is recommended for the outdoor surveillance of medium-sized homes and businesses.