Preventive maintenance

Maintenance of the security system is very important in ensuring that its efficiency is not compromised. Regular maintenance of various devices ensures that nothing is left to chance when protecting your premises. Regular checks are paramount in ensuring all security systems are in a good operational state.

Some of the maintenance measures that we take include,

• Regular test of the control panel – we undertake various tests at the control panel to ensure that there are no loose wires or damage that may cripple the security system. Our panels have a test mode that runs a self-diagnostic tool that aids in assessing whether everything is perfect condition.

• Inspection of cameras- we also conduct regular inspections for CCTVs within your security system so that we verify that they are in the right position to capture every movement. Inspection of the cameras is also conducted to ascertain that the right image quality is being recorded.

• Safety checks- our professionals also conduct safety checks that are aimed at ensuring that fire alarm systems are working in perfect condition for safety in case of a fire incident.

• Maintenance of the intruder alarm system- we also conduct intruder alarm system maintenance by checking all detection devices and warning devices are working perfectly. This should be conducted by a professional who will be able to determine whether communication signals are being efficiently received.

• We also conduct repairs for various security devices that may get damaged over time and also fittings that may be as a result of wearing out. Some of the repairs that can be conducted include wired and wireless alarm systems, CCTV surveillance cameras, access control systems, intercoms and fire alarms.