• Detection range – 30m
  • The motion detectors used in this alarm kit system offer pet immunity.
  • Fitted with 3 detectors; 2 motion detectors and a single door contact detector. The detectors can be expanded to 32 detectors.
  • Features the latest arming and disarming technologies that allow you to arm or disarm it through a remotely controlled key fob.
  • The remote control’s keyfobs feature arm and disarm buttons for easy manual use.
  • Has a designated panic button that comes in handy during emergencies in raising an alarm.
  • Designed with an external sounder
  • It has a limited access code number that make it suitable for use in homes and offices with minimal access.

Kit contains:

  • 1 x Power Max Complete 29 zone wireless control panel
  • 1 x External Siren
  • 2 x Motion Detector
  • 1 x Door/ Window Contact
  • 2 x remote controls
  • 2 x keyfobes
  • All Batteries Included

Extra products available:

  • Motion detectors/pet friendly motion detectors
  • magnetic contact
  • remote control
  • wireless keypad
  • vibration detector
  • flood detector
  • smoke/heat detector
  • keyfob
  •  Tower 20 external wireless  motion detector