This Golmar S5110 ART7W  one station Soul” video kit uses the new Golmar G2+ technology. It has WiFi capability enabling you to recive calls on your mobile devices if not at home. This is acheived by downloading the FREE  G2Call APP.  The kit comes comes complete with:

  •  Soul/1  – one push button door panel with built in RFID reader
  •  Integral keyholder tag kit (2 setting tags and 5 user tags)
  •  Art 7W/G2+ hands free monitor with WiFi functionality
  •  FA-G2+ power supply.

The system can be expanded to serve up to 4 families, all with WiFi functionality, and to have two entrance panels. It is possible to have up to 4 monitors in each apartment. The panel inputs for up to 2 CCTV cameras. The system requires only 2 wires – non polarized.

This system can be ordered as a 2 family, 3 family or 4 family system. That is, the system can be supplied with a 2 button or a 4 button panel.These larger systems have the appropriate number of buttons on the panel and the corresponding number of monitors with WiFi capability, a psu and the video distributors as required.
A three family system would have 4 buttons on the panel but only three monitors