With the 8 dome Hikvision CCTV camera kits, you get to enjoy features such as a 20m infrared range, a 2TB hard disk, an impressive recording resolution, low illumination levels, remote access over the internet and a power over coax technology that makes installation easy. To keep your premises safe, you get to pick between 4 channel and 8 channel digital video recorders. The kit is recommended for shops and offices.

This commercial CCTV Kit includes:

  • 8 dome CCTV cameras with 20m infrared ranges and a high resolution of 5MP
  • 4-channel DVR with a high 5MP recording resolution: The DVR includes a 2TB hard disk. Remote access to the DVR is also available
  • PoC technology: Hikvision’s Power-over-Coax technology reduces installation time and eases troubleshooting.