A Hikvision CCTV kit goes a long way to protecting your home, business, or warehouse. Look at the specifications of this home CCTV kit for outside surveillance. Its eight medium range IR bullet cameras can film very detailed video in low illumination. The DVR includes a 4 TB hard disk. Remote access via Internet is available. The versatile Hikvision CCTV Kit is recommended for the outdoor surveillance of medium-sized homes, businesses, and warehouses. It is not recommended for indoor.


This outdoor CCTV Kit includes:

  • 8 bullet CCTV infrared cameras with 40m infrared ranges (medium IR): The exceptional combination of low illumination levels, and a high resolution of 5MP, let these cameras film detailed video in very low light conditions.
  • 4-channel DVR with a high 5MP recording resolution: The DVR includes a 2TB hard disk. Remote access to the DVR is available over the Internet. PoC technology: Hikvision’s Power-over-Coax technology reduces installation time, eases troubleshooting, and lowers expenses, by sending both the video signal and power supply along one coaxial cable.