This 4 bullet cctv infrared 40m camera is the ideal device for monitoring activities in your premises during day and night when lights are switched off. Its low illumination coupled with ultra high 4K, 8MP resolutions means that it creates clear images in low lighting conditions. It is the perfect business CCTV kit for surveillance in homes, commercial properties, and warehouses. The Hikvision CCTV kit also comes with a 4-channel network video recorder and a 3TB hard disk, meaning that you can collect and store footage from multiple locations. Meanwhile, the remote internet access on the 4k cctv kit enables you to check footage from any location.

This home CCTV camera system includes:

  • Four bullet IP CCTV infrared cameras with 40m infrared ranges (medium IR) and 5MP high resolution let these cameras work in low light conditions.
  • 4-channel NVR with a high 8MP recording resolution: The NVR includes a 2TB hard disk. Remote accessover the internet is also available.
  • PoE technology: Power-over-Ethernet technology reduces time and makes installation easier.