Protect your home and small business with a Hikvision home CCTV camera system. This kit includes four medium range, 40m infrared bullet cameras, and a Digital Video Recorder with a 5 MP recording resolution. With Hikvision’s own PoC technology, you’ll save time and money. Both power and video signals travel on the same coaxial cable. The feature-packed Hikvision CCTV camera Kit is recommended for the outdoor surveillance of medium-sized homes and businesses.

This home CCTV camera system includes:

  • Four bullet CCTV infrared cameras with 40m infrared ranges (medium IR): The exceptional combination of low illumination levels, and a high resolution of 5MP, let these cameras film detailed video in very low light conditions.
  • 4-channel DVR with a high 5MP recording resolution: The DVR includes a 2TB hard disk. Remote access to the DVR is available over the Internet.
  • PoC technology: Hikvision’s Power-over-Coax technology reduces installation time, eases troubleshooting, and lowers expenses, by sending both the video signal and power supply along one coaxial cable.