Stand alone access control systems offer high performance and reliability and it’s suitable for single-entry point access control systems. The system is used to keep the door closed during the day. It has a keypad built in a fob reader on the outside and an exit button on the inside. Also, an emergency button is fitted and accessed from the inside.

For functionality, the stand alone access control system has an electromagnet installed to keep the door closed all the time. The electromagnet releases the door for five seconds if an access code is entered on the keypad successfully or if a valid key fob is presented to the keypad from the outside. The same five-second electromagnetic release is maintained if the exit button is pressed from the inside. Pressing the emergency button leaves the door open and it doesn’t close. Lastly, the keypad can accommodate up to 500 user codes and keyfobs.

Kit contains:

  • 1 x access control keypad
  • 1 x power supply
  • 1 x 280kg electromagnet
  • 1 x exit button
  • 1 x emergency button
  • cable

Keypad features:

  • High quality and high security
  • Metallic case for better protection
  • Support 100 standard users
  • Can add card number and delete card number as your requirement
  • With lock relay output, secure / normal Mode, NO / NC output
  • Built-in bell button can connect a external bell
  • Built-in proximity card reader (125KHZ ASK modulation)
  • Built-in keypad for PIN code entry
  • Sensitively and response quickly
  • Auxiliary input & auxiliary output
  • Programmable lock strike release time