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If you’re looking to protect yourself against any thieves, it’s very important to install one of the best security system on the market. A good CCTV kit is designed from the ground up to monitor a location with high quality video as quickly as possible. What makes these kits great is the fact that they are designed from the ground up to convey the quality and results you want. These include cameras and video recorders, all of which are here to provide you with the utmost value and quality on the market. This helps eliminate concerns, while pushing the process to the next level.

What types of CCTV kits are there?

You will notice that there are 2 major types of CCTV kits, based on the technology. First, you have the analog kits which are the most common option on the market. These have analog cameras and the signal is sent via a coax cable. The video recorder in this case is DVR, so you do have a comprehensive digital solution. Then there are the IP CCTV kits which rely on IP cameras. In this case, the video recorder is a network video recorder. Both options are very dependable and professional, and you will be incredibly impressed with the value and quality.

Camera types

The camera types are not that different. In fact, most of the time you will have either a bullet or dome camera. There are no pros and cons, it all comes down to the desired visuals and what you like the most. With that being said, a bullet camera is more suitable for outdoor spaces. A dome camera looks better inside. You want to ensure that you install your camera in a place where people can’t snag it with ease, especially if it’s outdoors. With that in mind, the kits come with either 4 or 8 channels, although you can also get kits with 16 or 32 channels upon request.

Do CCTV kits come with night vision?

That depends on the product at hand. For the most part, you will notice that all cameras have infrared. The latest models have a new night vision technology. This makes seeing during the night a breeze, and it can identify thieves a lot faster and better than ever before. Choose one of these kits and get a professional installation. Customers enjoy the liberty of picking the right kits depending on the distance they are looking to protect. You can choose from 20, 40, 60, 80 meter infrared range cameras. Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that each kit has its own recording system. Every recording is saved on the video recorder and you can see the content from your smartphone if the recorder is connected to the network.

With help from the right CCTV kit, you will have no problem making sure your home or office are protected and safe at all times. The last thing you want is to deal with any type of problems, so having a digital surveillance system in place does help a lot. Thankfully, these products are very easy to install, and they will make it very simple to monitor and track any thieves or attackers. We recommend you to take your time and install the system properly, as this will help ensure you are always safe!

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