Professional vs DiY wireless home alarm systems


If you take security seriously, then chances are you’ll have put thought into giving your property – whether it’s your private residence or a place of business that you own – a professional, fully efficient wireless alarm system. But you might find yourself intimidated by all the different options that are out there: which system is right for your property? Well, here at ShooCCTV, we know all there is to know about wireless alarm system. To start with, we know that there are two types of wireless alarm system. The first is the professional system, the kind from brands like Pyronix, Texecom and Scanatronic, which you’ll need a trained specialist to install. Then there’s the DIY wireless alarm system, provided by companies like Yale and ERA, which are cheaper and easier to get up and running. In theory you can install the second type of system yourself, but you might still prefer a professional installation for assured security. Regardless of what system you’ve chosen, here at ShooCCTV we will help you get your wireless alarm up and running. See our website for more information.


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