Control your alarm and CCTV from a single App.


Home security via smartphone control can make your life easier. A security App operated from your smartphone is incredibly a convenient feature that makes you manage your security system on the go. With our single App, you can control your alarm system and CCTV systems remotely. With so many apps on the phones, it isn’t that easy to choose the right one for you. Our App can be used in conjunction with your security devices and help keep your place safe and secure. Our company uses a single App named Hik-connect to control both the Pyronix burglar alarm systems and Hikvision CCTV systems. These two brands are well known for their high-tech monitoring sensors and video surveillance viewing capabilities. The security App that we use is from a well-known and reliable brand, making it the best security system App. The choice you make is personal and based on what you need from a professional monitoring system and how much you want to control from your phone.


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