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Access control

Every business or company has their private areas in which they would like to limit access. We have developed our access control systems to ensure that security in private areas is beefed. With our products you will not have a problem controlling unauthorized access in certain areas within the company. We understand that you might have a wide range of security issues within your organisations. As a result, we have a plethora of access control systems, from simple to complex ones. Our systems can fit any application, from industrial, military, financial, and health facilities. They come with simple yet highly sophisticated features to meet all your security needs. The intercoms and video intercoms work flawlessly to help you control access to specific spaces in your company. Stand alone access control system offer high performance and reliability and it’s suitable for single-entry point. It is used to keep the door closed during the day. It has a keypad built in a fob reader on the outside and an exit button on the inside. Also, an emergency button is fitted and accessed from the inside. PC based or “Networked” access control is used to keep one or many doors open during the day. The system can be managed from a PC or a smart device thus allowing you to give or deny access to the person outside. The system has a keyfob reader on the outside and an exit button and an emergency button on the inside.