Access control installation

If you run a business, it is essential to protect your installation, products and equipment from unauthorised access via security access control systems. These systems are also used to control access in areas that hold sensitive equipment or information in the organisation. Access control systems allows you to select individuals that get through the door by use of code or tokens. The type of tokens used depends on the type of system installed in your premises. Here is a quick look at door access control and considerations you make when choosing one.

What Entrails a Standalone System?

The most common type of access control is the standalone system. In most applications, all the required electronics are installed in a reader or keypad and does not require extra peripherals. This system is commonly used at the main entrances to the premises and places where a few employees need to gain access. Access is granted via several technologies including PIN, swipe and contactless technologies. With a PIN system, the user must key in a combination of digits that match those set in the system to open the door. However, for proximity readers, users are given key fobs and proximity cards. Lastly, the swipe systems are unclocked by swiping the access card through the reader. Some systems combine keypad with proximity technology for enhanced security.

Installation of the System

The access control systems include electronic door locks, a door sensor, an exit button and a reader. Our technicians also provide PC control, which enables the system to be controlled from a central location. Connection to the PC can be made via Ethernet or RS232 cables, depending on the location of the PC. The system comes with software that is used to grant everyone who requires access a unique identity that will be matched with individual tokens. Besides, the system administrator updates the information as new users come and others exit the company. The software also records all the events regarding the opening and closing of the door. Therefore, the personnel in-charge can go through the records to determine who entered through the door and when they did it.

Your organisation can also have the system connected to an existing alarm system. With such a system, the security team is alerted when there is an attempted entry or any other form of a security breach. However, unless an employee’s token is stolen and used for unauthorised access to the building, other parties cannot hack into the access control system.

How Much Does Access Control System Cost?

The cost of the access control systems may vary, depending on the exact requirement of your organisation. However, it will generally cost you £1,000 to have the system installed on one door. You will get a comprehensive quote that details the requirement for the installation of the security system. In addition to the security access control, we also offer video and audio intercom systems to commercial and private individuals. Our systems are reliable, high quality and convenient for your communication needs. They are ideal for training and holding meetings remotely.