Temperature screening cameras

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Hikvision Temperature Screening Thermographic Cameras.

Temperature screening is public health measure that can be employed during a pandemic to discover the presence of fever in an individual

Temperature screening employs or utilizes a process called telethermography, or “long distance heat imaging” to assess skin temperature to within a fraction of a degree. Most work unfailingly at a distance of one to two feet from the individual being accessed.

Temperature screening equipments are obtainable either as Non-contact Infrared Thermometer (NCIT) handhelds or unattended “smart” thermal imaging systems. Handheld NCITs are mostly less affordable, and require very specific instruction booklet or manual for operation to be effective and efficient. So you’ll still have to assign and train staff to work very close to the people you wish to scan and make sure they have required personal protection equipment (PPE).

Unattended smart (Temperature screening) systems can be mounted to walls close to the entry points or sometimes incorporated with access control systems to make sure only healthy persons can enter the office or workplace. Instead of detecting temperature at a particular point, they check temperature over someone’s entire head and face. Because of this, some systems like the RTNmobile temperature screening solution can perform joint temperature checks and touchless biometric authentication.

With advanced detectors and algorithms, Hikvision’s Temperature Screening Thermographic Cameras are designed to detect elevated skin-surface temperatures, and can thus be used for rapid and preliminary temperature screening in office buildings, factories, stations, airports and other public places, with accuracy up to ±0.3°C.

  • One second to detect skin-surface temperature of a person
  • Multi-person detection simultaneously
  • Non-contact measurement to avoid physical contact
  • Immediately alarming to notify operators
  • AI detection to reduce false alarms from other heat sources
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